allison argent psd requested by the lovely anon

this psd it works on every allison argent bright scene or “medium” scene if you can call it like that. make sure you adjust some of the main layers on each different scene, specially the color balance ones. there’s some scenes like when she’s in the car at night and it’s really dark and blue where this psd doesn’t really work well so i don’t recommend using it for those scenes, since you’ll have to adjust basically every layer and it will get a little annoying (trust me, it happened to me!). please like and/or reblog the post so i can keep making psds! hope you like it!

download here

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'Dude, you still got me!

'I had you before.'

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PSD 18 a Teen Wolf psd by lydiasresource

  • a simple orange-ish psd
  • adjust brightness/contrast and color balance layers

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